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Due to the recent heavy rain, the oil pump sent by our company may arrive at the destination one or two days later (short distance is not affected). Have your attention, please.
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This letter is mainly about inviting our company to participate in the national pump industry overseas exchange inspection invitation. It reads as follows: Oil pump is an important part of major technical equipment. In the development of n
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Status: Oil pump in industrial production has a very important position, its sales quantity is large, the use of a wide range; With the rise of oil pump industry in Botou City, Hebei province, a large number of gear pump based oil pump fac
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Recruitment: our company is looking for 5 sales managers, age between 30 and 50 years old, oil pump sales experience of more than 5 years, can contact our company, treatment negotiable!
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The British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA), in Association with World Pumps magazine, is hosting the Pump Awards Dinner in March 2011. The British Pump Manufacturers Association presents awards to recognise and celebrate outstanding
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Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice Attention of all departments: The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, our company will make the following adjustment to the holiday arrangement of all departments: I: Oil pump processing workshop and assembly
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Pumps are widely used in our daily life, but not everything is perfect and sometimes we will encounter some problems. These days, several agencies are investigating pump performance. As sustainability, reliability, stability and efficiency
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Gasoline is used for daily life to make the car work, now we cant live without gasoline inmagine. It is an important part of our daily life, so gasoline is in great demand around the world. It is well known that when gasoline is scarce, th
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Delivery notice: Hello, Mr. Lin, the 5 50m3 diesel pumps you ordered from our company have been sent out on the afternoon of December 21st and will arrive in two days. The logistics company will inform you by then. If you have any question
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Hello, Mr. Li, the six oil pumps you ordered from our company have been sent out on March 27th. The freight company: Tianyi Goods, , it is expected to arrive in four days, please note that check.
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