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The development and growth of oil pump industry is inseparable from the input of high-quality talents. In the process of enterprise development, we can not ignore the establishment of brand image of oil pump products, brand can be said to
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目前,中国 导热油泵 企业的核心技术基本依赖国外进口,绝大多数时候只能被动地服从于他人设定的技术标准路线,劳作于全球产业链低端,被动地参与到国际导热油泵市场的竞争。如五轴加工导热油泵因其可用来加工生产制造精密武器,一直以来都遭到美国与其盟邦
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Our steel environmental protection project also introduced ABEL company diaphragm pump several sets. Zhang Shengchang analysis pointed out that because the product is widely used in coal gasification, liquefaction engineering, national ene
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The development of pump industry is closely related to the development of real estate, construction, industry and engineering projects. First, as the raw material of the pump industry, steel is in urgent need of transformation as environme
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To sum up, the problems to be solved in the future are to improve the reliability of use, adapt to a variety of working environments, optimize its structural design, and further improve the performance of self-priming centrifugal oil pump.
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Represented by ethylene cracking, high temperature gear oil pump industry, although there is no complete set of equipment supply capacity, but in recent years, the development of key equipment of gear oil pump has made significant progress
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From the perspective of production and marketing, the production and marketing of the whole industry is relatively balanced. Chinas gear pump should be strengthened and improved in the following points. The most basic form of gear oil pump
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Status: Oil pump in industrial production has a very important position, its sales quantity is large, the use of a wide range; With the rise of oil pump industry in Botou City, Hebei province, a large number of gear pump based oil pump fac
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