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1. Design and selection of bearings Like other mechanical products, high temperature gear pump design should also consider its life principle. In order to use raw materials and spare parts economically and reasonably, improve the technical
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The period from 2012 to 2015 is the rise of high temperature oil pump. We should innovate, pay attention to energy saving, improve quality and establish product brand. According to the new heat pump industry show that rises pump co., LTD.,
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Represented by ethylene cracking, high temperature gear oil pump industry, although there is no complete set of equipment supply capacity, but in recent years, the development of key equipment of gear oil pump has made significant progress
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I. Heat conduction oil pump (including raw material pump and intermediate feed pump) Features: 1: stable flow 2: general head is higher 3: some raw materials viscosity is larger or contain solid particles 4: pump inlet temperature is gener
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Representative works of potow heat pump is the KCG and RY high temperature heat conduction oil pump, gear pump, they have good resistance to high temperature performance, botou susquehanna pump co., LTD., specializing in the production of
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When the temperature of the material is more than 120 degrees, the best use of high temperature oil pump, the material is cast steel, high temperature resistance up to 300 degrees. A: according to the structure of high temperature oil pump
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High temperature gear oil pump model is generally KCG type, where G stands for high temperature. When the temperature is high, the ordinary cast iron gear pump can not be used. Because the gap of gear oil pump will become smaller and small
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Our factory suggests that when conveying high temperature liquid at 80-280 degrees Celsius, we should use high temperature oil pump to transport it. In the process of use, we will inevitably encounter some problems. The following points ar
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