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All the oil pumps produced by my unit are guaranteed for one year, lifelong after-sales service, products include: gear pump (model: KCB, 2CY, YCB, TCB, RCB, etc.); High temperature oil pump (model: RY, BRY, WRY, KCG, 2CY, etc.); Stainless steel pump model with the same gear pump and NYP, FX, G, etc.; Heat conduction oil pump; 2CY\YCB oil pump, centrifugal oil pump, etc.

Botou haina 15 years of oil pump experience, each pump factory is strictly after the test indicators are up to standard before giving factory, after packaging through logistics or express delivery to your designated location, we and many logistics companies established a good business relationship, to ensure that the goods on time and accurately arrive at your location.

In addition, our company can also customize all kinds of special-shaped oil pumps according to the actual working conditions of customers, such as: thermal insulation gear pumps and high-temperature oil pumps.

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