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What is the material of high temperature oil pump?

When the temperature of the material is more than 120 degrees, the best use of high temperature oil pump, the material is cast steel, high temperature resistance up to 300 degrees. A: according to the structure of high temperature oil pump can be divided into high temperature gear pump and high temperature heat conduction oil pump, both high temperature resistance performance is relatively strong, according to the different materials to choose the appropriate high temperature oil pump and material, the isotropy of cast steel material and cast steel overall structure is strong, so as to improve the reliability of the project. Combined with the advantages of lightweight design and short lead time, it has a competitive advantage in terms of price and economy, while also reducing the cost of the pump.
Two: our company's high temperature oil pump series product models are KCG, RY, GCB, etc., can be used for heat conduction oil circulation pump, high temperature oil body conveying pressure pump and other fields. The pump itself is made of cast steel material, with imported high temperature resistant seal, mainly composed of pump body, shaft, impeller, gear, seal and gland parts, packing seal is easy to replace in the process of your use. Compared with gear pump, centrifugal high temperature oil pump use up flow and pressure is more stable, higher efficiency can make you more energy saving, of course, the price is also higher. For more details, you can call our sales number. The sales staff will give you a satisfactory reply.
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