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Use of oil pump

Mention of the word oil pump from the name should be related to oil, it can be used to transport oil, pressurization and other functions can say that wherever there is liquid flow there should be the existence of oil pump. Its use and for a wide variety of special, the use is not the same;
Application: suitable for conveying lubricating and non-corrosive materials with viscosity lower than 1500CST and temperature lower than 100 degrees. Import and export on the same level, there are two ways to choose flange and thread link. The maximum pressure can reach 6MPA, which is normally not used by the oil pump.
Two: stainless steel oil pump use: suitable for conveying corrosive and viscosity is less than 1500CST with lubricating temperature is less than 120 degrees of medium, if the viscosity is greater than 1500CST, then choose stainless steel high viscosity pump, of course, is the best NYP type. Stainless steel pump pressure is small, the maximum flow can only reach 2.5mpa maximum 60 cubic/hour, my factory stainless steel pump price is low and good quality, welcome customers to order.
Three: high temperature pump use: the pump pump body has been cast into a hollow sandwich pump body when casting, the pump body can be heat conduction oil or steam, cold water and other media to the pump conveying medium for heat preservation, heating and other functions. Suitable for conveying medium solidified at room temperature, such as asphalt; Then is whether the conveying material is corrosive, if there is corrosive then you have to choose stainless steel insulation pump.
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