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What are the gear pump models?

Gear pump models are more, take the berth gear pump models are mainly the following series:
One: KCB gear pump: the system gear pump is an involute gear pump, the advantage is that the price is low and widely used to transport lubricating oil, diesel, gasoline, kerosene and other viscosity is less than 1500CST and there is a certain lubricating temperature is not higher than 120 degrees of medium.
Two: YCB gear pump: the pump is a kind of arc gear pump, its gear adopts the international advanced arc gear, has the characteristics of low noise and long service life, the price is also more expensive than ordinary gear pump, suitable for conveying lubricating oil, cooking oil, kerosene, diesel oil, etc., is a good performance of the pump.
Three: 2CY gear pump: the pump gear adopt straight tooth design, the pump body has no safety valve, so the pressure is also higher, the highest pressure can reach 2.5mpa, can be used to transport viscosity is less than 1500 CST lubricating oil.
The above gear pump model is the most commonly used, if the transmission medium is corrosive to choose ss gear pump, selection is very important, can save costs and funds for you. If you have any questions, please call our sales 
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