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Representative significance of performance curves of centrif

Centrifugal oil pump has several performance curves, so what is the meaning of each? The following one answer, I hope to help you:
Centrifugal pump performance parameters between the mutual change of the relationship and mutual restraint: first of all to the top speed of the pump as a prerequisite.
Centrifugal oil pump performance curve mainly has three curves: flow-head curve, flow-power curve, flow-efficiency curve.
A. Flow-head characteristic curve
It is the basic performance curve of self-priming oil pump. Compared with the speed of less than 80 self-priming centrifugal pump has the characteristics of rising and falling (both middle convex, both sides of the bend), called the hump performance curve. Self-priming centrifugal oil pump with specific speed between 80 ~ 150 has flat performance curve. The self-priming centrifugal pump with more than 150 RPM has a steep drop performance curve. Generally speaking, when the flow is small, the head is high, and as the flow increases the head gradually decreases.
B. Flow-power curve
Shaft power increases with flow rate. When flow rate Q=0, the corresponding shaft power is not equal to zero, but a certain value (about 60% of normal operation). This power is mainly consumed in mechanical losses. Is full of water in the pump at this time, if the long run, will cause temperature rise within the oil transfer pump, pump shell, bearing will be fever, serious when can make the pump body thermal deformation, we called the stuffy head, the head of the maximum, when gradually open the discharge valve, the flow rate will gradually increase, shaft power also slowly increase.
C. Flow-efficiency curve
When the flow rate is zero, the efficiency is also equal to zero. With the increase of the flow rate, the efficiency also gradually increases, but after increasing to a certain value, the efficiency decreases. There is a maximum value of efficiency, near the highest efficiency point, the efficiency is relatively high.
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