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Methods to improve the service life of high temperature oil

Since the high temperature oil pump body operates under high temperature, it is necessary to set hinge support and gear oil pump on pipe distribution during cold installation to prevent pipe distribution displacement after heating up. The coupling must be thermally aligned after the pump body heats up to avoid additional torque during operation. (2) Attention should be paid to maintaining the stability of the inlet pressure of the booster pump, so that it has a stable volume efficiency, in order to facilitate the stability of the pump itself and the downstream spinning quality.
I. Measures to improve the operating life of high-temperature oil pumps
High temperature oil pump disintegration and cleaning, lifting, cooling, start and stop should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of operation, in order to avoid undue losses. The data show that by reducing the temperature of the bearing area, the bearing capacity can be greatly increased, and the output capacity of the gear pump can be increased by 50% only by increasing the speed. When the back pressure is reduced, the pressure of the packing box should be adjusted in time, otherwise the pump will inhale air and slag oil pump, resulting in the broken belt of the casting strip, affecting the pelleting and resulting in the discharge of the pelleting machine. (4) to often check the temperature of the heat medium jacket, the main body and the heat medium temperature of the front and rear cover should be consistent. Cqb-g high temperature magnetic pump outlet pressure measurement point to set an interlock stop alarm, otherwise, once the discharge pipe is blocked, easy to cause damage to the pump body. When cleaning the pipette, do not use the pump to transport the cleaning fluid. Instead, remove the inner parts and install them after pipetting to avoid mixing foreign matter in the pump. (5) Each time the output is increased, the output, speed, outlet, inlet pressure, current value should be recorded, and the data before and after the comparison, careful analysis, in order to find abnormalities as soon as possible, timely processing
Ii. Daily maintenance and operation management of high-temperature oil pumps
1, in case of power failure or heat media cycle interruption more than 3Omin, the pump should be disassembled after cleaning, so as to avoid bearing lubrication caused by melt solidification, cracking and so on and damage to the high temperature pump.
2, the melt filter behind the outlet of the high-temperature oil pump should be replaced regularly, and do not run at high pressure or even the upper pressure limit for a long time.
3. Matters needing attention when starting high temperature oil pump, when no pressure is formed at the exit, speed should not be blindly increased to prevent premature damage of shaft or bearing.
4, regular replacement of bearings can save maintenance costs. (3) for the negative pressure packing seal pump, the pressure at the packing box should be kept higher than the external atmospheric pressure. Because melt viscosity is a decreasing function of shear rate, extrusion of gears and shearing of bearings will increase melt temperature by 3 ~ 5℃ after pump, and decrease heat medium temperature can prevent melt degradation.
5, speed should be carried out slowly, do not make the pressure before and after the sharp rise, so as not to damage the bearing or make the melt block the lubrication channel. When it is found that the wear of the inner surface of the shaft or bearing is close to the thickness of the hardened layer, the shaft can be used again after grinding, and only replace the bearing, which can prolong the life of the pump shaft for 8 ~ 10 years.
6, the temperature of the pump body heat medium jacket can be slightly lower than the heat medium temperature of the front and back jacket.
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