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How to eliminate the common faults of high temperature heat

The pump body of type RY high temperature oil pump and the end covers on both sides are hard seals with direct contact. If the flatness of the contact surface cannot meet the specified requirements, the pump is easy to inhale air at work. (1) The installation position of the pump is too high from the oil level, especially when the pump speed is reduced, because the pump suction chamber cannot be guaranteed to have the necessary vacuum caused by insufficient oil suction and air inhalation. At this time should adjust the pump and oil level of the relative height, so that it meets the requirements of the provisions. (2) RY type high temperature pump body and both sides of the end cover for direct contact hard seal, if the flatness of the contact surface can not meet the requirements, the pump is easy to inhale air at work; Similarly, the pump end cover and gland is also direct contact, air is also easy to invade; If the gland is plastic products, due to its damage or deformation due to temperature changes, it will also make the seal lax and enter the air. The method to eliminate this fault is: when the flatness of the pump body or pump cover does not reach the specified requirements, you can use gold steel sand to grind back and forth according to the zigzagging route on the flat plate, and can also grind on the plane grinder, so that the flatness is not more than 5 μ m, and need to ensure that the plane and hole perpendicularity requirements; For leakage of pump cover and gland, adhesive such as epoxy resin can be used to seal. (3) the oil in the tank is not enough, or the suction pipe is not inserted below the oil level, the pump will inhale air, at this time should be added to the oil tank to the oil mark line; If the return tubing orifice exposes the oil surface, sometimes the air will be backfilled into the system due to the instantaneous negative pressure in the system, so the return tubing orifice should also be inserted below the oil surface.
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