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Precautions when using high temperature oil pump

Our factory suggests that when conveying high temperature liquid at 80-280 degrees Celsius, we should use high temperature oil pump to transport it. In the process of use, we will inevitably encounter some problems. The following points are often encountered to explain and solve them:
A: high temperature oil pump can be divided into high temperature gear pump and high temperature centrifugal pump according to the structure, the latter has stronger high temperature resistance (350 degrees Celsius).
Two: if you are using a high temperature gear pump, the first time to use must check the pump and motor bottom Angle bolt is tight, if loose do not have to tighten.
Three: when you buy high temperature oil pump, you must choose the manufacturer of good quality, otherwise only cheap and finally bring unnecessary trouble to yourself.
Four: In order to ensure the full play of the pump performance and have a good service life, the following aspects should be paid attention to when making high temperature hot oil pump:
1. Turn on the switch of relevant instrument;
2. Switch on the power supply, when the pump reaches normal speed and the instrument shows considerable pressure, gradually open the gate valve on the output pipeline, and adjust to the required working condition. When the gate valve on the output pipeline is closed, the pump can not work for more than 3 minutes continuously;
3. At the beginning of operation, the equipment in the production process is slowly heated to 100-130 degrees, the oil pump is kept at high temperature and continues to run at this temperature, the water in the heat conduction oil is completely evaporated before the equipment is heated to the operating temperature;
4, 3 to 4 hours before running, turn off the equipment after heated to operating temperature of oil pump, check the alignment of the pump shaft and motor shaft coupling, pump shaft and motor shaft deflection should be controlled within the scope of the permit, the pump shaft by hand rotation should be flexible and convenient no vibration, hot oil pump such as not meet the above requirements, should be adjusted again;
5, in the process of starting, always pay attention to the motor power reading and vibration, vibration value is not more than 0.6mm, if there is abnormal should stop check;
6. After each ball bearing runs for 3000 hours, it must be removed and cleaned with diesel oil, and checked for damage. If there is damage, it must be replaced with a new bearing;
7. When the ball bearing on the impeller side is installed, the dustproof cover side of the high temperature hot oil pump should be installed toward the impeller, and heat conduction oil should be injected for lubrication before starting.
8. The ball bearing on the coupling side is used with compound calcium base high temperature grease. When the bearing is installed again, the dustproof cover side of the high temperature hot oil pump should also be installed toward the impeller side, and the grease will be filled during installation.
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