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Our factory suggests that when conveying high temperature liquid at 80-280 degrees Celsius, we should use high temperature oil pump to transport it. In the process of use, we will inevitably encounter some problems. The following points ar
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Material is the material used in the production of the pump, take KCB gear pump if made of stainless steel general material for 304 type, can be made into a flow of 0.5-60 cubic/hour pressure between 0.1-1.45mpa stainless steel gear oil pu
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Berth gear oil pump models are more, the most widely and most common models are KCB, 2CY, YCB, NYP, FX, CYZ, etc., different types of gear oil pump uses different use effect is also different. Here are some explanations. KCB gear pump can
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What should you pay attention to when you buy a gear pump and plan to use it? Below briefly say a few points for your reference: A: If you buy the oil pump machine, the first point is to check whether the bolts are tight. If they are loose
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High temperature gear oil pump model is generally KCG type, where G stands for high temperature. When the temperature is high, the ordinary cast iron gear pump can not be used. Because the gap of gear oil pump will become smaller and small
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When the temperature of the material is more than 120 degrees, the best use of high temperature oil pump, the material is cast steel, high temperature resistance up to 300 degrees. A: according to the structure of high temperature oil pump
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Mention of the word oil pump from the name should be related to oil, it can be used to transport oil, pressurization and other functions can say that wherever there is liquid flow there should be the existence of oil pump. Its use and for
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Gear pump models are more, take the berth gear pump models are mainly the following series: One: KCB gear pump: the system gear pump is an involute gear pump, the advantage is that the price is low and widely used to transport lubricating
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Centrifugal oil pump has several performance curves, so what is the meaning of each? The following one answer, I hope to help you: Centrifugal pump performance parameters between the mutual change of the relationship and mutual restraint:
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Gasoline is a kind of flammable and explosive medium, and the sticky bottom is low, it is very important to choose a suitable gasoline explosion-proof oil pump, Botou Haina Oil Pump Co., Ltd. specially for the transportation of gasoline, d
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