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What is the reason for excessive vibration of centrifugal oil pump? There are problems in installation and maintenance quality. (1) Improper selection of gaskets and adjusting gaskets during the installation of the original unit, and exces
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Application of centrifugal pump industrial engineering (1) Solid particle liquid transportation In industrial engineering, the fluid machinery with liquid to transport solid particles is called solid-liquid two-phase flow pump, also known
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Western oil exploration area has repeatedly made gains. Unconventional oil and gas has become one of the priorities of exploration work. At the same time, the new discovery of the western exploration area chunhui oil field. Among them, Qua
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Many users will have some faults after using the centrifugal oil pump for a period of time, most of which are the faults of the impeller of the centrifugal oil pump. The following is a simple solution: 1: copper wire repair method (for cop
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To sum up, the problems to be solved in the future are to improve the reliability of use, adapt to a variety of working environments, optimize its structural design, and further improve the performance of self-priming centrifugal oil pump.
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苏尔寿泵业说,一家私人拥有的西班牙泵业公司的收购将增强其在欧洲的足迹。 苏尔寿宣布计划购买布尔戈斯,西班牙基于Hidrotecar SA周五。 西班牙公司报告去年的1300万欧元,员工约50人。 此次收购使苏尔寿添加辅食产品和加强其在欧洲,中东和非洲地区的存在
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A centrifugal pump is made up of many parts. According to the working state of each part, it can be roughly divided into three types: rotating parts, fixed parts and handover parts. Take the single stage single suction horizontal centrifug
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Centrifugal oil pump has several performance curves, so what is the meaning of each? The following one answer, I hope to help you: Centrifugal pump performance parameters between the mutual change of the relationship and mutual restraint:
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