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苏尔寿泵业说,一家私人拥有的西班牙泵业公司的收购将增强其在欧洲的足迹。 苏尔寿宣布计划购买布尔戈斯,西班牙基于Hidrotecar SA周五。 西班牙公司报告去年的1300万欧元,员工约50人。 此次收购使苏尔寿添加辅食产品和加强其在欧洲,中东和非洲地区的存在
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Pump flow rate and diameter The flow record of the pump is determined by the flow rate required by the device and the number of pumps. On the flow and caliber of the relationship, used to use the diameter of the discharge outlet to express
关键词:口径 流量
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The purpose of the pump, in general, is to lift a required amount of liquid to a required height or to a place where required pressure is required. This required quantity, which corresponds to the flow rate of the pump, is usually expresse
关键词:规格 性能
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在各种化学工业中作为药液泵和 油泵 使用的泵,约80%是离心泵。另一方面,输送的液体从各种浓度的酸、碱、有机溶剂等以及挥发性强的液化气,直到高粘度液体或热油,其性质涉及的范围很广,但都可作为牛顿流体来考虑。 为了输送这些性质的液体,泵结构上应当
关键词:油泵 药液
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The nature of the liquid pumped by the pump is very different, therefore, the type and structure of the pump is quite many, and these pumps play an important role in the chemical industry, petroleum, printing and dyeing, shipping, if the p
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The oil pump The primary problem of oil pumps used as process pumps for conveying oil in refinery and petrochemical installations is performance degradation caused by liquid viscosity. Therefore, the most used is not easy to cause performa
关键词: 纸浆 油泵
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One, the main basis for the selection of motor pump (1) According to the mechanical load nature and production process of motor starting, braking, operation, speed regulation and other requirements, select the motor type. (2) According to
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Epoxy resin pump is a rotor positive displacement pump, the internal structure is more complex, the main parts are as follows: inner rotor, outer rotor, shaft, bearing, seal, pump body, bracket and so on. Made of stainless steel and ordina
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Status: Oil pump in industrial production has a very important position, its sales quantity is large, the use of a wide range; With the rise of oil pump industry in Botou City, Hebei province, a large number of gear pump based oil pump fac
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Gasoline is a kind of flammable and explosive medium, and the sticky bottom is low, it is very important to choose a suitable gasoline explosion-proof oil pump, Botou Haina Oil Pump Co., Ltd. specially for the transportation of gasoline, d
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