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Our steel environmental protection project also introduced ABEL company diaphragm pump several sets. Zhang Shengchang analysis pointed out that because the product is widely used in coal gasification, liquefaction engineering, national ene
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Recently, Hefei city citizens Ms. Li called reporters to report that her home in the administrative district of Shuxiangyuan small area, nearly a month, she lives in the building 1 floor of the underground pump room has been a lot of noise
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To sum up, the problems to be solved in the future are to improve the reliability of use, adapt to a variety of working environments, optimize its structural design, and further improve the performance of self-priming centrifugal oil pump.
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NHTSA报告称,目前已经接到来自消费者和大众汽车的160起投诉案例以及一起事故报告,其中,一半的投诉报告称,发动机在高速行驶状态下突然停转,并且无法再次启动。其中涉及2009-2010款大众JETTA、高尔夫以及奥迪A3的柴油车型。 据悉,NHTSA对该问题的调查已
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Pumps are widely used in our daily life, but not everything is perfect and sometimes we will encounter some problems. These days, several agencies are investigating pump performance. As sustainability, reliability, stability and efficiency
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One, the main basis for the selection of motor pump (1) According to the mechanical load nature and production process of motor starting, braking, operation, speed regulation and other requirements, select the motor type. (2) According to
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Some users find that the self-priming ability of oil pump gradually decreases after using it for a period of time. Why? First of all, make sure you use a centrifugal oil pump or a gear oil pump or a screw oil pump. Here are some examples:
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Model: CYB-T (electric) CYB-G (high pressure) Flow rate: 0.5-300 cubic meters/hour Pressure: 0.1 5 mpa Overview: diesel pump is our main product, the pump is suitable for conveying no solid particles and fiber of diesel, with large flow, h
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The pump model is YDS, mainly used in oil depot, factories and other refueling, unloading and other occasions, can be used as mobile oil pump, unloading oil pump, mobile gear pump to use, Structure: the pump has a complete set of gear oil
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CYBs -t type centrifugal diesel oil transfer pump used in petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, electric power industries, botou susquehanna specialized transport diesel oil pump factory production: CYB - T diesel pump equipped with explosion
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