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First of all, the conference held at the same time, Director Shang Runtao said that during the exhibition will be held at the same time the 27th annual meeting of China Construction Enterprise Management Association and the sixth three sta
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The reason why the oil seal is extruded in the process of gear pump rotation is that the pressure cannot be established or the pressure is not enough (1) KCB gear pump under excessive radial force. If the coaxiality of gear pump installati
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Delivery notice: Hello, Mr. Lin, the 5 50m3 diesel pumps you ordered from our company have been sent out on the afternoon of December 21st and will arrive in two days. The logistics company will inform you by then. If you have any question
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根据 齿轮泵 工艺流程,给排水要求,从五个方面加以考虑,既液体输送量、装置扬程、液体性质、管路布置以及操作运转条件等。 1、装置系统所需的扬程是选泵的又一重要性能数据,一般要用放大5%10%余量后扬程来选型。选择泵时,以最大流量为依据,兼顾正常流量
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NHTSA报告称,目前已经接到来自消费者和大众汽车的160起投诉案例以及一起事故报告,其中,一半的投诉报告称,发动机在高速行驶状态下突然停转,并且无法再次启动。其中涉及2009-2010款大众JETTA、高尔夫以及奥迪A3的柴油车型。 据悉,NHTSA对该问题的调查已
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Oil pump can not work alone, it must be integrated with the pipeline, generator to work. Oil pump, pipeline and motor constitute the main process of the pump station. Therefore, to correctly design and manage the pump station not only need
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KCB齿轮泵 属人字齿齿轮泵,又称2CY齿轮泵,其最大特点是结构简单、用途广、泵体设有安全阀,因其价格低而被广泛应用。 KCB齿轮泵结构详细介绍: 1:其内部有一对互相啮合的齿轮和泵体及压盖组成,整机由泵、底板通过连轴器与电机直联,组成齿轮泵电机组,该
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