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What are the gear oil pump models?

Berth gear oil pump models are more, the most widely and most common models are KCB, 2CY, YCB, NYP, FX, CYZ, etc., different types of gear oil pump uses different use effect is also different. Here are some explanations.
KCB gear pump can be used to transport oil residue, high temperature, corrosive medium, such as flow rate and pressure also want to accord with the requirement of the pump itself, you can browse for more information on the pump
YCB gear oil pump gear arc design, the use of the effect is much better than KCB gear oil pump, but the price is slightly more expensive, according to the needs of users can choose.
Generally speaking, the medium conveyed by gear oil pump is generally lubricated, because the pump depends on its own material to lubricate, so pay attention to this when selecting the type. KCG, 2CG type high temperature oil pump is a kind of high temperature and wear-resistant pump made of special materials. It can be used to transport high temperature oil products under 280 degrees (example: heat conduction oil). Sometimes it is often used as high temperature heat conduction oil pump
NYP type is a high viscosity oil pump, can be used to transport asphalt, glue and other high viscosity materials, the pump itself is a heat preservation device, through heat conduction oil or steam and other medium in the pump heat preservation, slow operation and stability is its biggest characteristic. CYZ type is an excellent diesel oil pump, it has the characteristics of explosion-proof, large flow, long service life and so on, is the first choice for transporting diesel and gasoline.
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