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At present, the research on gear pump at home and abroad mainly focuses on the following aspects: (1) Optimized design of gear parameters and pump body structure; (2) Radial clearance compensation and computer-aided analysis of oil film be
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The design of oil pump is to select and determine the structural parameters of oil pump reasonably according to the situation of oil well and lifting requirements. Such as rotor diameter, motion eccentricity, stator lead, pump series and s
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Many users buy oil pump after using for a period of time, they need to replace the parts and send them back to the factory for maintenance. When they take the parts and do not assemble them, the following is an introduction to the assembly
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Please inform each department that our company is scheduled to hold an oil pump meeting at 3:00 p.m. on 28th to discuss the technical seminar on making oil pumps with smaller volume and more accurate flow. Please prepare the meeting conten
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What are the commonly used materials for oil pumps? A, cast iron 1, gray cast iron is one of the most commonly used cast iron, gb code for HT. Generally, the pump body, impeller, pump cover, suspension and so on of the oil pump are all mad
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Status: Oil pump in industrial production has a very important position, its sales quantity is large, the use of a wide range; With the rise of oil pump industry in Botou City, Hebei province, a large number of gear pump based oil pump fac
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Mention of the word oil pump from the name should be related to oil, it can be used to transport oil, pressurization and other functions can say that wherever there is liquid flow there should be the existence of oil pump. Its use and for
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在众多的 高温油泵 中,RY风冷式 高温导热油泵 性能最为优越,耐高温性能最好,使用起来效果也要比普通的 高温齿轮泵 要好的多,其缺点就是扬程低一些,原因是泵本身的结构决定的,下面介绍一下RY高温导热油泵结构: 一:零部件: 油泵 泵体、叶轮、轴、轴承
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What should you pay attention to when you buy a gear pump and plan to use it? Below briefly say a few points for your reference: A: If you buy the oil pump machine, the first point is to check whether the bolts are tight. If they are loose
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