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日期:2012-03-30 08:40:13         点击:95
Hello, Mr. Li, the six oil pumps you ordered from our company have been sent out on March 27th. The freight company: Tianyi Goods, , it is expected to arrive in four days, please note that check.
日期:2022-04-11 17:17:01         点击:163
Please inform each department that our company is scheduled to hold an oil pump meeting at 3:00 p.m. on 28th to discuss the technical seminar on making oil pumps with smaller volume and more accurate flow. Please prepare the meeting conten
关键词:通知 开会 车间 油泵
日期:2022-04-11 20:42:19         点击:172
Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice Attention of all departments: The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, our company will make the following adjustment to the holiday arrangement of all departments: I: Oil pump processing workshop and assembly
关键词:通知 放假 中秋节
日期:2022-04-11 17:21:51         点击:186
Due to the recent heavy rain, the oil pump sent by our company may arrive at the destination one or two days later (short distance is not affected). Have your attention, please.
关键词:通知 发货
日期:2022-04-11 17:33:06         点击:79
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