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Various enterprises are also competing to launch their own killer cards and constantly improve their RESEARCH and development teams. At the same time, they also go abroad to learn their technologies and related core production technologies
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Our steel environmental protection project also introduced ABEL company diaphragm pump several sets. Zhang Shengchang analysis pointed out that because the product is widely used in coal gasification, liquefaction engineering, national ene
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好的使用方法可以使 导热油泵 的使用寿命延长.下面是 RY100-65-200导热油泵 降温方法 : 在密封腔周围设冷却水套,通以冷水进行冷却,可使密封腔温度降低到200~250℃;对单端面密封,采用注入式冲洗,从外界引清洁的.温度100℃左右蜡油(一般不用柴油,因为柴油是成
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造成 不锈钢齿轮泵 噪音由以下几种情况 (1)气穴现象和吸空现象 气穴现象和吸空现象是造成不锈钢齿轮泵噪声过高的主要原因之一.在流动的液体中,因某点处的压力低于空气分离压产生气泡的现象,称为 气穴现象.这些空气分离出来后势必形成大量的气泡致使原来连续
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One, the main basis for the selection of motor pump (1) According to the mechanical load nature and production process of motor starting, braking, operation, speed regulation and other requirements, select the motor type. (2) According to
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Some users find that the self-priming ability of oil pump gradually decreases after using it for a period of time. Why? First of all, make sure you use a centrifugal oil pump or a gear oil pump or a screw oil pump. Here are some examples:
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Stainless steel pump material and characteristics: a: broadly speaking, stainless steel pump is divided into stainless steel pump and stainless steel pump, material is divided into ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, deep
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Alias: stainless steel corrosion resistant gear pump Category: stainless steel pump Alias: stainless steel gear pump Model: KCB, YCB, 2CY Structure introduction: KCB series corrosion resistant stainless steel pump adopts pump and motor dir
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