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The oil pump plays an important role in loading, unloading and reverse transportation. According to different oil products, different oil pumps are selected. The following is a brief description of the daily maintenance and maintenance wor
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苏尔寿泵业说,一家私人拥有的西班牙泵业公司的收购将增强其在欧洲的足迹。 苏尔寿宣布计划购买布尔戈斯,西班牙基于Hidrotecar SA周五。 西班牙公司报告去年的1300万欧元,员工约50人。 此次收购使苏尔寿添加辅食产品和加强其在欧洲,中东和非洲地区的存在
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Some users find that the self-priming ability of oil pump gradually decreases after using it for a period of time. Why? First of all, make sure you use a centrifugal oil pump or a gear oil pump or a screw oil pump. Here are some examples:
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Epoxy resin pump is a rotor positive displacement pump, the internal structure is more complex, the main parts are as follows: inner rotor, outer rotor, shaft, bearing, seal, pump body, bracket and so on. Made of stainless steel and ordina
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Epoxy resin pump is mainly used for conveying epoxy resin. The pump is characterized by low revolution, smooth operation and long service life. The pump body is provided with a heat preservation device to heat and transport the resin in th
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