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1. After the startup, there is no traffic or the traffic is too small (1) The inversion switch and the serious propane gas in the crude oil zone are the main reasons for the pump inlet having steam, and the efficiency of the pump is greatl
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In different working situations to choose the appropriate gear oil pump should pay attention to the following key points: A: temperature: the environmental temperature in different areas is different, low temperature, normal temperature, h
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internal high viscosity rotor pump is a kind of special pump that can transport high viscosity materials, because of its outstanding contribution to the transmission of high viscosity medium is usually called high viscosity pump; Its advan
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苏尔寿泵业说,一家私人拥有的西班牙泵业公司的收购将增强其在欧洲的足迹。 苏尔寿宣布计划购买布尔戈斯,西班牙基于Hidrotecar SA周五。 西班牙公司报告去年的1300万欧元,员工约50人。 此次收购使苏尔寿添加辅食产品和加强其在欧洲,中东和非洲地区的存在
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