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Factors that hinder the development of pump industry

The development of pump industry is closely related to the development of real estate, construction, industry and engineering projects.
First, as the raw material of the pump industry, steel is in urgent need of transformation as environmental pressure gradually increases today. According to the "2009 China Oil pump, compressor and hydraulic and pneumatic machinery Industry in-depth investigation and research investment Advisory report" shows that the "twelfth five-year" period of the pump industry is conducive to the development of new industrialization, in accordance with the direction of resource-saving, environmentally friendly society.
Second, the domestic market of China's pump industry is very broad, while the export market is slightly "thin". From the development status of the pump industry, the pump industry itself is also facing the risk of eliminating outdated capacity. The iron and steel industry will face the risk of production reduction, which will lead to the increase of steel prices in the short term, leading to the increase of pump industry costs, resulting in short-term price fluctuations in the pump industry. And less large pump enterprises, domestic pump industry brand is not strong, the market competitiveness is poor. Although the financial crisis has had a negative impact on China's pump industry to a certain extent, it has also exposed the drawbacks of the pump industry. Survival of the fittest has been greatly improved under the market economy system. Therefore, the pump industry will also be greatly affected. In recent years, China's pump industry will attract new opportunities for sustained growth due to the favorable investment environment and deepening of infrastructure construction policies.
Champu consulting machinery industry analysts pointed out: although, the domestic pump industry outlook is optimistic, but there are some headwinds. But more embarrassing is that small and medium-sized and private pump enterprises in the process of growth is more, accounting for a relatively large proportion.
Three is: in recent years, China's pump industry has developed rapidly, not only the pump production level has been greatly improved, its output has also increased significantly. Thanks to the financial crisis, due to the reduction of orders in China's pump industry, raw material prices rose and began to carry out the survival of the fittest within the industry, some backward production capacity was eliminated, making the pump industry to "travel light", to get a better space for development.
Four is: under the influence of the financial crisis, steel, construction and its upstream and downstream industries for the sharp contraction of the market, which is undoubtedly a fatal blow to rely on the development of these industries pump industry.
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