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A pump is a machine that converts energy. It converts the mechanical energy of prime mover (such as motor) into kinetic energy and potential energy of liquid to achieve the purpose of conveying and improving liquid. Due to the variety of o
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Trouble-free pumps are a major goal for all pump operators, and achieving this goal is not an easy task. Botou Haina Pump Co., LTD. Key components of the pump - mechanical seal, impeller, coupling, roller bearings and housing are worn. Mai
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From the perspective of production and marketing, the production and marketing of the whole industry is relatively balanced. Chinas gear pump should be strengthened and improved in the following points. The most basic form of gear oil pump
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Represented by ethylene cracking, high temperature gear oil pump industry, although there is no complete set of equipment supply capacity, but in recent years, the development of key equipment of gear oil pump has made significant progress
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Pay attention to whether the heat conduction oil pump is running noisily. If the normal state is found, it should be dealt with in time. Shutdown: Cut off the power supply. Empty the liquid in the heat conduction oil pump, clean it, and ro
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To sum up, the problems to be solved in the future are to improve the reliability of use, adapt to a variety of working environments, optimize its structural design, and further improve the performance of self-priming centrifugal oil pump.
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The development of pump industry is closely related to the development of real estate, construction, industry and engineering projects. First, as the raw material of the pump industry, steel is in urgent need of transformation as environme
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Recently, Hefei city citizens Ms. Li called reporters to report that her home in the administrative district of Shuxiangyuan small area, nearly a month, she lives in the building 1 floor of the underground pump room has been a lot of noise
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Reasonable selection of gear oil pump pipeline is very important, including: diameter, pipe diameter, in the same flow rate. The liquid flow speed is small, the resistance loss is small, but the price is high, the diameter of the pipeline
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Many enterprises in the petrochemical wins dyne pump lubrication system of high speed pump, such as the Great Wall 4413 high speed pump the outstanding performance, has a good application performance, with the successful case, win for Inne
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