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In the process of using thermal insulation gear pump will inevitably encounter some problems, the following problems often encountered by customers simply say, I hope to help! Assembly and disassembly 1. Clean all parts to be installed. 2.
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CEO of the oil pump network and member of the Domestic Oil pump and plastic Suppliers Association, believes that Chinas international oil pump enterprises must identify their own weaknesses in order to promote their domestic oil pump coope
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The turbulence of the international economic situation has no impact on the thermal oil pump market, which can be seen from the 9th Paris International Thermal oil Pump Exhibition. Brazil, Russia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Philippines, Bolivia, Per
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The Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission proposed, in order to increase the promotion, China will be strict evaluation system, new projects must all use efficient gear pumps and other energy-saving equipment
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Dear Mr. Bi, the two explosion-proof oil pumps ordered from our company on June 8, 2012 have been loaded and shipped today, and are expected to arrive in Jilin four days later. Please pay attention to check the goods. Main explosion-proof
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The company decided to have three days off for the oil pump workshop on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and two days off for the rest workshops (due to the tight schedule and heavy task, the company would like to express its gratitude to all e
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(1) Side plate wear: the gap between the side plate of the gear oil pump and the end face of the gear is very small, such as improper use, the side plate will appear scratch, wear and burn phenomenon. (2) Insufficient oil absorption: its r
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1: the pressure does not go up: the outlet of the gear oil pump cannot reach the specified value, the main reasons are :1) the side plate of the oil pump is worn and the axial clearance is too large, causing serious internal leakage; 2) th
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According to the technological process, the oil discharge requirements should be considered from five aspects. Both liquid throughput, device head, liquid properties, pipeline layout and operating conditions. 1: flow is one of the importan
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Yang Jinhong, president of China Pump Association, said that modern industrial production is inseparable from oil pumps, which can involve the manufacturing of construction projects. From the chemical industry alone, equipment, boilers, ma
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