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At present, domestic thermal oil pump products in terms of specifications, varieties and versatility still need to be further improved. With the continuous progress of technology, pump products will develop to the direction of intelligence
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In recent years, the rapid growth of the heat pump market in western recently, the author in the asphalt mixing equipment more than domestic enterprises, the visit of asphalt mixing equipment demand in China this year compared to the same
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The present situation of oil pump castings in China is both good and bad. I am glad that the production of oil pump casting has a certain foundation, and the development trend of plastic gear will bring more market space for oil pump casti
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Here are three reasons for the vibration of gear pump: A: drive shaft and its auxiliary parts Long shaft pump, easy to occur shaft stiffness is insufficient, deflection is too large, the straightness of the shaft is poor, resulting in movi
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Adjust the direction of oil pump industry to achieve a soft landing of the enterprise market Industry survey shows: A: at present, Chinas large output of diesel pump standard parts are mainly formwork, guide parts, push rod push tube, elas
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The preparation of the industrialization automatic platform began in October 2011. The leader of the leading group was the Equipment Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the deputy leaders were the Oil Pum
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As the largest number of high-temperature oil pumps in the world, the number of high-temperature oil pumps in China has reached about 5.5 million, and the traditional old high-temperature oil pumps with more than 5 years of service life ac
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But so far, pumps, valves , hydraulic parts and other accessories needed by small thermal oil pumps are basically all dependent on imports. In addition, lift and shrink arm forklift, sliding steering loader, two busy small thermal oil pump
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The period from 2012 to 2015 is the rise of high temperature oil pump. We should innovate, pay attention to energy saving, improve quality and establish product brand. According to the new heat pump industry show that rises pump co., LTD.,
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The vibration of self-priming centrifugal oil pump may be caused by the following reasons: One: rotor imbalance. Two: the pump shaft and motor are misaligned, and the rubber ring of the wheel is aging. Three: bearing or sealing ring wear t
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