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Invitation letter of China Machinery Management Association

This letter is mainly about inviting our company to participate in the national pump industry overseas exchange inspection invitation. It reads as follows:
Oil pump is an important part of major technical equipment. In the development of national economy has been playing a very important role, only in the relationship to the national economy and national security of energy, petrochemical, aviation, aerospace, steel, military and other important fields have a large number of applications. But our stainless steel pump manufacturing industry compared with developed countries and regions, there is a certain gap, we need to send and learn from.
In order to further improve the level of domestic oil pump manufacturing, and promote high-tech projects and support the pump industry product development, technology innovation, new technologies, expand foreign exchange, China machinery enterprise management association national pump industry to foreign managers, botou susquehanna pump co., LTD., invited, to further improve the production technology, Research more high-quality and cheap oil pump and efforts.
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