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Review the current situation and analysis of gear pump indus

At present low and middle grade gear oil pump can be produced in China, high-grade gear oil pump depends on imports. Domestic specialized gear pump factories are few, mostly by the gear factory to do gear pump, gear factory often set up a section or a workshop to undertake the work. This is because plastic gear has many advantages, such as low transmission noise, vibration absorption, self-lubrication and so on, and plastic gear can be molded processing, high production efficiency.
The present situation of gear oil pump in China is both good and bad.
Plastic gear in the gear industry will be more and more applications, this is a worldwide trend. Happy is that the production of gear oil pump has a certain basis, and the development of plastic gear will bring more market space for gear oil pump; Worry is that the level of domestic production of gear oil pump and the world's advanced level there is still a distance, and in the gear industry, especially plastic gear industry development trend, the domestic response to market changes is not keen enough, supporting research is difficult to keep up with the market demand.
. According to luo Baihui, secretary general of international Mold Association, the application scope of domestic gear oil pump can be roughly divided into three aspects: plastic gear with mold, powder metallurgy gear with mold and precision forging bevel gear with mold. In the aspect of precision forging bevel gear, the bevel gear oil pump manufactured by Zhutooth, Jiangsu Spaceship, Pacific precision forging and other enterprises is better in the gear oil pump industry, and the quality of precision forging bevel gear is also higher. Among them, the demand for plastic gear mold is relatively large.
Gear has two main uses, one is to transfer motion, the other is to transfer power. In terms of plastic gears, generally speaking, plastic gears and their molds are mainly distributed in two areas. One is Ningbo, Zhejiang, where there are more than 340 gear factories, and it is also the largest gear oil pump production base in China. The other is Shenzhen Baoan, mainly with Hong Kong enterprises, high precision products, mainly used for export. At present, domestic plastic gears are mainly used to transmit motion, and the United States is now in the transmission of power on the choice, but also more and more plastic gears.
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