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Heat conduction hot oil pump classification standard and ann

According to different classification standards, heat conduction heat pump can be divided into many categories. If it is clearly distinguished from the principle of office, heat conduction heat pump can be divided into machine type, blade type and other types of heat conduction heat pump. Of the fixed assets invested in water conservancy projects nationwide, 52.4 percent were invested in flood control projects, 29.7 percent in water resources projects, 5.1 percent in water storage and soil conservation projects, and 12.8 percent in other special projects.
Since 2001, China's heat conduction hot oil pump industry has made further progress. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Water Resources Engineering, the "15-year period 2001-2005" is a crucial period for the progress of China's water conservancy project. From 2001 to 20055, the total investment in fixed assets for the capital construction of national water conservancy projects has been 362.5 billion yuan. The investment scale is equivalent to the total investment in fixed assets of water conservancy projects in China from 1949 to 2000. And, since 2004, the scale of fixed asset investment in other areas of heat conduction hot pump, such as iron and steel, fuel chemical industry, construction industry, and power industry, has been rapidly increasing. Because the heat conduction hot pump industry has been improving rapidly in the past five years, The research of Huicong Dun & Bradstreet concluded that since 2004, The average annual growth rate of heat conduction hot oil pump industry remains at about 20%.
In addition, affected by the global financial crisis in 2008, the progress of 72 lines has slowed down so far. In order to stimulate domestic demand, the central government has invested RMB 4 trillion in the construction of major infrastructure such as railways, roads, airports and water conservancy projects and the renovation of urban residents' power grids. And "October 1 five" period, the central government plans to invest more than 300 billion yuan for the construction of urban sewage treatment and recycling equipment, and up to now the actual investment is less than half, because there is still a large space for investment in urban sewage treatment later.
China has always been facing the problem of water shortage. Since the end of the 1990s, the construction of water conservation projects began, and the increasing rate of water consumption gradually put on the agenda of government departments. Since 2000, many water-saving farm irrigation projects began to be built around the country, and industrial companies increased the sewage treatment power to increase the reuse rate of industrial water. Urban and rural water distribution networks and water supply facilities will be upgraded layer by layer to establish more water-saving and effective water supply systems. In addition, in 2000, China suffered the worst drought since 1949, affecting more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. In order to combat the drought, emergency water conservancy projects such as "diversion of Yellow River to Tianjin" were carried out
The heat conduction hot oil pump industry is a typical investment-driven industry, and the market needs to be greatly affected by the national macro policies, especially by the macro policies of water conservancy engineering, construction, energy and material industries.
Up to now, the construction cycle of 50 years of "south to North water transfer" project of the eastern line, the middle line of the project has been started one by one after 2002, the western line of the project is predetermined to start at the beginning of 2020, the construction of "south to North water transfer" project will become the main driving force of the future heat conduction hot oil pump market.
From the current situation of the market, centrifugal pump is widely used in water conservancy engineering, agriculture, railway, road, industry, buildings, etc., and mixed-flow pump is mainly used in water conservancy engineering, agriculture, thermal power, nuclear power generation and other industries, other fields are relatively involved in less; Axial flow pump is mainly used for agricultural border irrigation in rural areas where the terrain is not concave and convex. In addition, large-scale hydraulic and urban management work projects will also be used.
Blade type heat conduction heat pump occupies the market share of most of the heat conduction heat pump market in China. According to the impeller category, blade pump can be divided into mixed-flow pump, also known as oblique flow pump, axial flow pump, centrifugal pump three categories. Because of this, is the world financial crisis under the influence of the world economy toward recession, but because the Chinese government is very stimulating domestic demand and a major investment in infrastructure, and thinking about problems concerning to the infrastructure, discussion in the next five years, the progress of the thermal conduction heat pump industry will reach a small peak and even improve the rate of one hundred percent at 20 more years.
After the floods on the Yangtze river, Nen River and Songhua River in Heilongjiang province in 1998 and the flood in Taihu Lake in 1999, China accelerated the construction of flood control projects focusing on the reinforcement of embankments for major rivers. From 1999 to 2003, The central and local governments have jointly invested in the construction of the three Gorges on the Yangtze River, Xiaolangdi and Wanjiazhai on the Yellow River, Feilaixia in Guangdong, Jiangya in Hunan, Ulawati in Xinjiang, Manla in Tibet, and Guanyin Pavilion in Liaoning.
Ii. Classification and advance prediction of heat conduction oil pumps in China
In addition, from October 1 to 2011, the planned investment in water conservancy projects amounted to 462.8 billion yuan, including 131.6 billion yuan for the south-to-north water diversion project, of which the proportion of investment in key hydraulic projects exceeded 50 percent.
History and current situation of China's heat conduction hot oil pump market
Large hydraulic section as well as urban and rural peasant border irrigation, industrial companies, the beginning of the process of water conservancy projects construction needs help and the heat transfer of hot oil pump market, automobil dun &bradstreet research investigation and study, in 1999-2003 - s, the heat transfer of hot oil pump industry improve the situation, the size of the market has been flashing peace stable year increase rate in keep in 10-15%.
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