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Pump association said to strengthen the high temperature pum

The person in charge of China Pump Industry Association said that high temperature oil pump precision processing and manufacturing not only needs the precision and stability of machine tools and tools, the precision of fixtures to ensure, but also needs the precision measuring instrument to calibrate and measure.
1. The processing and creation trade of self-produced and self-sold self-created brands is growing rapidly
The export of high temperature oil pump products of large and honest operators goes hand in hand, and the increase rate of export of high temperature oil pump products of both of them far exceeds that of general operators.
Domestic high temperature gear oil pump wonderful
Association secretary general luo hui pointed out, foreign trade enterprise in the pump when the situation, timely response and active participation in international exhibitions, improve product quality, increase product innovation, according to the international economic situation, to create a low carbon products, understand the oil pump products are exported to the eu directive standards, etc., which began to expand overseas market standard, and promote our country oil pump products in the international market share. "Some are in the process of processing (such as knife instrument); Some are post-hoc tests (e.g. gear measuring instruments). Luo Defu, director of the National Precision Tool Engineering Research Center and director of chengdu Tool Research Institute, said that the center's achievements in new tool materials, tool material surface modification process, gear gauge and other aspects have been leading in China so far.
Relevant statistics show that after decades of construction and development, China's measuring industry has initially formed an industrial system with relatively complete product categories, a certain production scale and development capacity, and has become the world's second largest measuring producer after Japan.
After the recovery of the international economy, the high temperature oil pump ushered in the golden period of the development of the export market, especially the developing country market. Among them, the Harbin measuring tool cutting tool group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as ha) in recent 10 years continuously strengthen the gear measuring instrument, the surface roughness measuring instrument and the profile measuring instrument such as precision instrument development and manufacturing advantages, the successful development of the current domestic biggest 2 meters CNC gear measuring instrument, become the most competitive domestic precision measuring instrument manufacturer. However, as the basis of CNC cutting technology, China's tool manufacturing industry in measuring instrument technology level and performance quality, and other aspects, there is still a big gap with foreign advanced level."
From visual measurement to simple measurement and then to precise measurement, the progress of measurement technology guarantees the progress of manufacturing technology to a certain extent. Domestic digital display instruments have developed from simple strip liquid crystal digital display to more complex planar liquid crystal dynamic analog image display, the resolution of digital display caliper capacity grid has developed from 0.01 mm to 0.001 mm, and the accuracy and reliability of measurement have been significantly improved. The price is much lower than foreign similar products, in the international, this instrument and Britain and the United States and other countries of the same products to compete!
Luo Baihui, secretary general of international Mold and oil pump Plastic industry Suppliers Association, said that in recent years, domestic measuring instrument manufacturers have increased investment in digital display technology and independent development of digital display measuring products, which has achieved great results. Mr. Qian Xuesen, a famous scientist, also pointed out: "Information technology includes measurement technology, computer technology and communication technology. Due to the relative lag and overall aging of the machinery processing industry in developing countries, there is a widespread strong demand for imported tool oil pump products. Oil pump merchants quickly seize this great opportunity and gradually develop a huge export market and trade business through trade agreements and contacts.
. Such as Zhuoshi polishing abrasives abrasive center, federal industrial oil pump, vertical and horizontal high temperature oil pump center and other business owners have launched their own advantages in the brand, the proportion of export products is increasing. Through unremitting efforts, it now owns the most advanced precision tool production equipment with independent intellectual property rights in China, and has established an industrialization base, making China's precision tools realize leapfrog development in research and development, process equipment and industrialization capacity, and some achievements have reached or approached the world advanced level. The continuous improvement of waterproof and dustproof performance (from IP54 to IP65, now can reach IP67) also enhances the market competitiveness of domestic digital display tools. "Dual-frequency laser interferometer" is the core product independently developed by the Center. At present, only the center has this technology and can produce this equipment in China. A number of functions of the instrument broke the technical blockade of foreign countries, detection resolution up to 0.02 micron, detection length up to 20 meters. Measurement technology is the key and foundation.
2. The mix of export commodities was further optimized, and the export of high-tech products increased significantly
At present, China's high temperature oil pump products export recovery, oil pump industry development ushered in a new foreign trade pattern. Its success has changed China's long-standing dependence on imports in the field. The strong domestic market demand and the vigorous expansion of foreign markets have organically combined to create a good golden development period for the oil pump industry. Entered since 2010, with the influence of the financial crisis, many enterprises of foreign trade in oil pump warming trend, the international mold and plastic pump industry suppliers association, director of the fai analysis thinks, thanks to the country to promote the rise of the central region of positive policy, continue to encourage the development of the western region and the eastern construction push forward again, All have driven the high temperature oil pump sales; The rapid recovery of the international economy has further driven the overall improvement of the export situation of oil pump products, and also brought greater development space to the oil pump industry.
3, the strength of high temperature oil pump exports is increasing
While consolidating the original southeast Asia, America and other traditional markets, dealers actively adjust the product management structure, change the mode of purchase and sale between customers, and strive to open up new markets such as Africa and Europe.
, according to industry experts in wind power industry, for example, some typical key components in the power generation equipment such as turbine blade, the rotor wheel groove and the steam turbine generator rotor embedded trough the typical parts processing and testing, to a certain extent, represent and reflect a national advanced cutting technology and CNC cutting tools, digital measurement technology and the latest achievements and level of a measuring instrument, Therefore, the tool manufacturing industry has been concerned.
4) Progress was made in the strategy of diversifying exports
Of a series of clamping cutting tools such as wire cut, bolt cutter, saw frame, combination machine tools, telecommunication tools, household tools group sets of series, such as steel tape measure, level measuring tool series and socket wrench, impact of fastening series products such as a number of new and high technology, high value-added export commodities gradually take the place of the original low value-added goods, such as high oil pump Among them, clamping cutting and group of products accounted for the largest proportion. China's oil pump products are various, excellent quality, reasonable price, with good reputation of dealers, warm service and accumulated over the years of the huge sales network group, has gradually opened the domestic provinces and cities and the Middle East, Africa, Kazakhstan, South Asia, Uruguay and other emerging markets.
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