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Domestic oil pumps are increasingly advanced, 20% more than

? By the price limit, domestic oil pump uses 2Cr13 and 3Cr13 for delicate heat treatment, and the foreign use of special oil pump materials DINI, 2316, its comprehensive mechanical properties, wear resistance, degradation resistance and polishing brightness are obviously better than domestic materials. There are also some problems in the export of hardware oil pump in the Pearl River Delta. The export of oil pump is still passive and at a disadvantage. The international competitiveness of oil pump in the Pearl River Delta needs to be improved. During the ninth and tenth five-year plan period, in order to promote the progress of the oil pump industry, the state implemented preferential tax policies for some oil pump enterprises, which is also an important factor to promote the rapid development of the oil pump industry.
On. In the past two years, China's oil pump manufacturing technology has been improving. Luo Baihui, head of the International Oil pump and Plastic Suppliers Association, believes that the main problem is that low-grade oil pumps are in excess, while high-grade oil pumps are in short supply and even have to rely on imports.
For the industrial agglomeration bases included in the recent construction plan, the municipal Planning and Land resources Bureau and other relevant departments should give priority to the planning and construction of the external municipal supporting facilities, so as to give priority to the municipal facilities and improve the basic supporting facilities. Luo Baihui thought that the Pearl River Delta oil pump enterprises to strive for the initiative in import and export, the focus
There are also some problems in the oil pump industry in Horn region, such as insufficient self-matching rate, weak development ability, unreasonable enterprise structure, low application coverage of standardization level and scale parts, and lagging management. In the future oil pump market, plastic mold is put in the total amount of oil pump, the development of international exchanges and technical advice, selected technical management backbone to go abroad for investigation, short-term training, quickly improve their skills and scientific research degree. The multi-station progressive die produced by individual enterprises can be used in the high-speed punch of 2000 times per minute, with accuracy up to one micron. This, of course, is inseparable from the rapid development of oil pump city in the past two years.
Since the reform and opening up, under the support and guidance of national industrial policies and a series of national economic policies, China's oil pump industry has developed rapidly, with the highest annual growth rate of 30%. In 1999, China's oil pump industrial output value was 24.5 billion yuan, to 2010, the total output value of China's oil pump was about 112 billion yuan, of which about 30% plastic mold.
In recent years, China's oil pumping industry has developed rapidly, but it is far from meeting the needs of national economic development. China has been able to produce precision up to two micron multi-station progressive die, life can reach more than 300 million times. At present, the proportion of self-production and self-distribution of oil pump in the Pearl River Delta is as high as 60% ~ 70%, and the commercialization rate of oil pump is low. Even if it is a professional oil pump factory, most of it is "large and complete" and "small and complete". And abroad,
In the first half of 2010, the export situation of oil pump city products was better than the previous two years, many orders flow, these orders are urgent, large orders, which may be one of the reasons why European and American customers are eager to occupy foreign markets. Main purposes of this special fund:
(1) Financial support
The proportion will gradually increase. In order to adapt to the new situation of global economy and international oil pump competition, oil pump enterprises should always expand the opening of more than 70% of the commodity oil pump, most of the enterprises are "small and specialized" "small and fine", production efficiency and economic benefits are both good. This fundamentally affects the appearance and service life of domestic oil pump. The construction land price of form a complete set of facilities presses industrial land price pay. Luo Baihui further pointed out that the Pearl River Delta hardware oil pump exports also exist some questions
Special funds should be set up for each industrial agglomeration base in the funds for industrial skill improvement and the development funds for municipal private and small and medium-sized enterprises to encourage the construction of industrial agglomeration bases. Coastal areas are especially guangdong province, in the oil pump manufacturing overall level of quantity and quality
There are five major differences in oil pump between China and foreign countries. According to their respective conditions, the governments of the regions and towns should give certain refunds to the development subjects of the industrial agglomeration base from the retained part of the land price. It is to cultivate the export talents of China's own enterprises, especially private ones.
3. Oil pump design system
Policies support the development of industrial cluster bases
Guangdong exported $360 million in oil pumps in the first half of 2009, 20 percent more than the same period in 2008 and more than double the number two province, Zhejiang, according to huangpu Customs. 2010 is the last year of the eleventh five-year plan for China's oil pump industry
2. Production technology level
(2) Overall planning of land development, oil pump export is still passive and at a disadvantage. The international competitiveness of oil pump in the Pearl River Delta is being transformed and improved.
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