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In order to fundamentally solve the problem of repeated manu

1. The industrial structural contradiction has not been fundamentally solved. Oil pump manufacturing enterprises basically remain in low-end products, and the phenomenon of repeated manufacturing and construction is serious. Price, even low to the cost of less than, domestic pump enterprises to fight a price war, so that foreign buyers drill Confucius, took away cheap products, cheap resources, which makes some product quality manufacturers suffered losses, generally speaking, the country has also received a loss. In addition, as many leading enterprises in China are merged or acquired by foreign companies, they originally
2. Independent entrepreneurship and technology introduction. At present, the state advocates to increase the capacity of independent innovation, and innovation mainly has three forms; (1) Original innovation (2) Introduction, absorption and innovation (3) Integration innovation Must deal with the relationship between imported technology and independent innovation, only in this way can enterprises continue to develop and move forward, we should also be aware of the uneven level of input or personnel transfer of multinational companies.
3. The total level of heat conduction oil pump products, although there is a considerable increase, but with the foreign similar products in technology or there's a huge difference, difference is about 5 o 'clock, especially many of the key pump technology, such as performance, efficiency, reliability and service life of the gap is bigger, so there are a lot of key pump, or imported from abroad, For example, the shortage of funds is even more acute for the 600, 000 minority enterprises. Since reform and opening up, the pump manufacturer is bullish on the big market in China, especially since the "market", foreign some pump manufacturers, into the Chinese market, increase the intensity of investment, to set up a batch of high levels of joint venture, a large number of state-owned large and medium-sized domestic enterprises are restructuring, can say basically completed the reform of state-owned enterprises and in pump industry has also
In the context of the current tight monetary policy, some enterprises will face the financial pressure brought by rising costs and prices. 2. Oil 3. Chemical, 4. Sewage treatment 5. Urban construction of original scientific research also gradually disappeared, some enterprises in order to introduce foreign technology, also has a bitter lesson, dalian acid plant in front of the system of state-owned enterprises reform, attempts to cut through the way of the imported technology to speed up the development of enterprise, but the result is far and purpose, the market to the others, Even the core technology is being controlled.
5. The level of technical personnel is different, the survival and development of the enterprise is dependent on the quality of the product and the service level before and after sales, and the products of the enterprise cannot be separated from the scientific and technological personnel, but the technical levelness of the pump industry has not been greatly improved. Product structure is not reasonable, high-tech and high value-added products are less, the pump industry must be "refined, specialized, new, special" development, the development of their own number, the fastest development of the region.
6. Due to the rising prices of raw materials has brought some enterprise business activities and economic running quite difficult, since 2007, just now, pig iron, copper, nickel, molybdenum, aluminum oxide, rubber, crude oil, gasoline and diesel oil production a small rise in the price of 50% - 100%, in 2008 is still keep upward trend, because of the price hike in raw materials, It costs the business more, right
7. The concentration degree of pump industry is not high. As mentioned above, some people believe that there are about 10,000 pump manufacturing enterprises in China. Several opinions on the development of pump industry: 1. Structural adjustment 2. Personnel training 3. Long-term planning 8. 5. Orderly competition on the pump industry demand: 1 power.
But the pump industry still faces many outstanding problems.
9. Competition also stays on the level of price war, some enterprises in order to occupy the market, at prices below cost to participate in bidding, the chaotic market market pattern, in China's oil pump industry for a long time don't mix, international competitiveness is not very good, some enterprises tend to price advantage for the winning of the war, Some products with low price to cost features, will focus on the development of manufacturing special high-tech, high value-added, high-performance products, and energy conservation and environmental protection type of pump products, national key projects need to develop a variety of products. Has quite part of the enterprise product quality, sales are increasing, but the economic benefit is constantly falling, can appear even the phenomenon of loss, most of the corporate liquidity nervous, used in some enterprise, relative to the high technical content has a certain profit space, but there is a part of the enterprise, it is no benefit or small profit, cost on formation, This has brought a great impact on the enterprise. Most of the technologies are the so-called "applicable technologies" for China's domestic market. However, in fact, these technologies are not the most advanced technologies in the world. Even so, enterprises that introduce foreign technologies will still rely on imported technologies, thus neglecting their own research and development capabilities. In 2007 of the pump valve industry sales have reached 20 billion yuan, have occupied the domestic market share of 1/3, and everlasting zhabei town, yongjia county, zhejiang province was named the "township of the Chinese pump valve" always fine become the national biggest pump valve production, enterprises through toward diversified development, to enhance industry competitiveness, private enterprises and the meteoric rise of economic activity, Occupied half of the country. Wenzhou is the domestic and foreign civilization pump valve products manufacturing base, into 2000 pump valve enterprises, has formed a strong regional advantage. The first batch of technical personnel have been laid off, and the successors have not followed up, which leads to the professional technology watts supercritical thermal power unit pump, in recent years, the demand for imported diesel ignition pump is very large, but there is no such product in China, can only be imported from abroad.
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