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Botou High-tech Zone gear oil pump will expand industrial cl

In the signing of the north China and complete the ground-breaking industrial park project, gear pump to potow high-tech zone, successful introduction of world top gear pump enterprise changsha zoomlion 7 s shop project, companies will have 11 leading products in north China distribution, can be in after the completion of the production value of 8 billion yuan, will expand the gear oil pump industry cluster scale, further perfect the industry chain, For the industry's follow-up investment insufficient situation, the formation of secondary and tertiary industry development.
Through industry-university-research cooperation to speed up the technological upgrading of enterprises, the high-tech zone has sent special personnel to actively contact colleges and technical schools and research institutes." Zhou Dayu, executive deputy director of high-tech zone management Committee, said confidently.
Improve functions and extend the industrial chain
In metallurgical industry, instead of crusher products, get the user's full affirmation and praise; Promote the transformation of the equipment manufacturing base of The first Tepco Company to the gear oil pump leasing base. At present, the enterprise carried out the second phase of the technical transformation project 20,000 square meters of finishing plant is under construction, the new purchase of 10 meters CNC double-axle vertical lathe, 24 meters ×5 meters of large boring and milling machine and other domestic industry cutting-edge equipment, the project is expected to be completed before the end of the year. Among them, mine gear oil pump representative enterprises evergrande Heavy Industry, Beixiang Heavy Industry, Kewei Mine, construction gear oil pump agent
Scale advantage supporting development
Since 2011, according to the project foundation and location advantages of the park, Botou High-tech Zone has determined the main gear oil pump industry brand, and made every effort to build the gear oil pump industry base. The gear oil pump industry has shown a good trend of simultaneous growth of scale, quality and benefit. In the basic-level research Institute of The Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, the staff of the high-tech Zone learned of a visual forging technology, and immediately promoted the cooperation between Beixiang Heavy Industry, the Institute of Metal Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University to establish a state-level large forgings technology center for major equipment, becoming a state-aided enterprise with strong muscles and strong backbone
At the same time, according to the characteristics of gear oil pump industry cluster, the establishment of a professional investment bureau, to the well-known domestic and foreign gear oil pump enterprises to carry out investment work, Botou Haina Oil Pump Co., Ltd. constantly accelerate the construction progress of gear oil pump logistics project. To help enterprises to get cooperation opportunities, at the municipal finance committee, with the help of high-tech zone coordination in shenyang, Shanghai pudong development bank, village and town bank loans for the enterprise, to help solve the engineering construction, for the only a large forging technology development and product manufacturing professional institutions, has introduced the world advanced visualization of forging technology, The intelligent and visual control of the whole forging process is realized, the machining precision of the products is improved, and the performance and quality of the products are guaranteed. At the same time, the high-tech zone promotes the technical cooperation between Evergrande Heavy Industry and Shanghai Electric Appliance Research Institute to upgrade its mine products; Promote cooperation between Liaoning Metallurgical and North China University to research and develop a new generation of magnetic separator; Promote liaoning Zhongrun Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. to introduce new high pressure roller mill technology from Liaoyuan, this technology is mainly used in domestic and foreign cement plants and
The strong ability of the enterprise brings the growth of the cluster. Expanded the product market share. Offer on very favourable terms.
"One of the advantages of industrial clusters is the localization of industrial elements, which not only reduces the procurement and supply costs of enterprises in the park, but also greatly facilitates the communication and interaction between upstream and downstream enterprises, thus creating conditions for technological innovation of both sides. It is estimated that the total investment of the industrial base is 32 billion yuan, and the production capacity of gear oil pump is 52 billion yuan. By the end of the "twelfth Five-Year plan", profits and taxes will be 7 billion yuan
To this end, the high-tech zone set up a north China Gear pump industry base construction leading group with the director of the management committee as the leader, the group members, the managers of key investment enterprises as the deputy leader, and the leaders of the relevant units of the high-tech zone as members, and immediately adjusted the park planning to leave sufficient space for the development of gear oil pump industry. Zhou Dayu, executive deputy director of the high-tech Zone management Committee, said that in 2011, the high-tech zone introduced complete machines and spare parts sales enterprises can obtain raw materials without leaving the park, greatly saving the procurement and production costs of enterprises.
Zhou Dayu said that the industrial park will build north China's largest gear oil pump exhibition and trading center, the center can not only strengthen the high-tech zone's financial resources, expand new resources, but also improve the high-tech zone in the past lack of logistics business shortcomings. Through the acquisition, the production capacity of Fu Shangyang is nearly 2 times, and the output value is expected to reach 600 million yuan by the end of the year. The base is divided into four functional areas: R&D and manufacturing area, display and trade area, vehicle rental area and supporting service area. In addition, the acquisition also enabled the enterprise to add new products hard tooth surface reducer,
Production of capital, and help enterprises to introduce venture capital institutions. At present, the overall planning of gear oil pump industrial base has been completed.
"We will build the high-tech Zone gear oil pump industry into a new gear oil pump industry base with a complete industrial chain and perfect functions, which is based on Liaoning and radiates north China and integrates technology research and development, production and manufacturing, sales, leasing, maintenance and renovation, and after-sales service. Liaoning Fushangyang Equipment Manufacturing Company is a supporting enterprise for Zoomlion, with this supporting enterprise, Zoomlion
The gear oil pump industry cluster in the high-tech Zone gathers 45 gear oil pump enterprises with broad development prospects and strong development strength, such as Liaoning Fushangyang Machinery, Liaoning Yongliansheng, Liaoning Weisheng Lifting Machinery, Deyou Tower crane, Evergrande Heavy Industry, Liaoning Heavy Science Machinery. It will add 10 billion yuan in sales revenue by the end of this year.
At the same time, the high-tech zone helps Beixiang Heavy Industry and Taiyuan Heavy Industry to carry out industrial cooperation, speed up the development process of electric forklift project technology, making it become a major project of the high-tech zone equipment manufacturing. At the same time, the trading center can optimize the industrial structure of the high-tech zone and change the past single dominated by the secondary industry, which is not fully functional and has a strong momentum for development
. A construction base of 3 square kilometers has been planned in the park. Gaoxin helped Liaoning Fushangyang Machinery acquire North Electric Last year and is coordinating the company's acquisition of another company this year. Botou Haina Oil Pump Co., LTD., Liugong Liaoning general agent Shenyang Hualian Co., LTD., more perfect the gear oil pump industry chain. Deyou Tower crane, Lianyun Machinery, Liaoning Heavy Science and Technology co., LTD., and Zhongrun Heavy Industry co., LTD., which are invested by Malaysian investors, are not only the leading enterprises in the bertou gear oil pump industry, but also have significant scale advantages and high market share, and many enterprises are mutually supporting enterprises.
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