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In 2011, the company sold 5,360 high-temperature oil pumps,

The high temperature oil pump sales of the enterprise has been maintained in the top three of the industry, the market dominance rate has steadily improved in recent years, according to the China Construction machinery business network, in 2011, the enterprise sold 40085 high temperature oil pumps, increased by 16.7 percent year-on-year, the domestic market dominance rate reached 16.2 percent, an increase of nearly 0.5 percent compared with 2010. Superposition leading company quarterly reports pre - welcome catalysis, the corresponding target value when concerned about watching.
1) The promotion of the second phase technological transformation of the production base in North China will improve the competitiveness of the enterprise in the north China market, and the market dominance rate of the enterprise will steadily increase in the future.
According to the statistics, the enterprise sold a total of 5360 high-temperature oil pumps in 2011, up 26% year on year, and the market occupation rate was 2.4 percent, up 0.7 percentage compared with 2010. On April 12th the People's Bank of China released its latest bank deposit figures, showing that 1.01 trillion yuan of new loans were made in March, more than the market had expected. Based on the weakening of the strength of investment in January and February on a year-on-year basis, the high-temperature oil pump value in March released by the China Construction Machinery Business network shows that the development direction of sales is difficult to change. The gross profit margin of high-temperature oil pump business of the enterprise is about 8 percentage higher than that of high-temperature oil pump. In the future, if the production and sales volume of high-temperature oil pump exceeds 6000 units, the gross profit margin of the product will further increase. The market dominance rate of enterprises in North China is lower than that in the whole country. These two areas occupy more than 60 percent of the national market sales volume. We estimate that the earnings per share of the enterprise from 2012 to 2014 are 0.70 yuan, 0.80 yuan and 0.87 yuan, and the corresponding PE ratios are 12.9 times, 11.3 times and 10.8 times. We give the "referral" rating. PFC Energy Materials expects shale to account for about a third of U.S. oil and gas output by 2020.
. 3) The sales of high-temperature oil pump in this year is expected to remain stable. With the opening of jiaozuo Industrial Park's production capacity, the market share of the enterprise in the northern region will further increase. The US shale gas research and development will be a good experience for China, but in the future, China's shale gas mining will still be based on exploration, in other words, the concentration of mechanical facilities will take some time. High temperature oil pump business is still in the cultivation stage because of its small base up to now. The release of production capacity in Jiaozuo base will help enterprises expand their market dominance in northern China and improve their profitability.
2. The release of production capacity of Jiaozuo production base will improve the competitiveness of enterprises in north China market
The product range of XIAMEN Gong shares covers 6 categories of high temperature oil pumps, high temperature oil pumps, forklifts, small-scale machinery, road machinery and environmental protection machinery, among which high temperature oil pumps contribute most of the operating income. Up to now, the production capacity of high temperature oil pump is about 6000 units. According to the plan, the production capacity of high temperature oil pump will be increased to 15,000 units in 2013.
2) The production cost of the production base in Northern China (Jiaozuo) is lower than that of the production base. With the increase of production capacity in the future, the profit level of the enterprise will increase.
1. As one of the leading high-temperature oil pump companies in China, the company enjoys a stable position in the industry
In recent days, I went to XIagong For field investigation and research, and had in-depth exchanges and communication with the company on the management situation and progress plan. Production of domestic fuels in the United States reached its highest level in nearly a decade in 2011, and natural gas production reached a record high. One of the key contributors to this was the rapid development of shale oil and gas. With the maturity of enterprise production quality and channel, high temperature oil pump products will become the high point of enterprise's future achievements.
3, high temperature oil pump is the high point of the enterprise's future achievement
Up to now, the key market of domestic high temperature oil pump is mainly distributed in two regions: the first region is based on the two Mountains (Shandong, Shanxi) and two Rivers (Henan, Hebei) as the core, including Beijing and Tianjin, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, northern Shaanxi and other provinces and cities in North China. This is due to the enterprise production base and the final use of overlapping has the following benefits: first of all, because the uniform profit level of the industry is low, the host carrier as a tightening cost has a direct impact on the gross profit margin of the product; Second, because of cost and component supply considerations, the manufacturer physically closest to the market will have a greater competitive advantage.
Natural gas research and development in the United States continued unabated, accounting for more than 30 percent of all oil and gas discoveries in 2020. The increased production capacity in Jiaozuo will increase the competitiveness of the enterprise in the North China market. The extent of the bank deposit seasonality will be very easy to stimulate the industry short-term sales evenexcavator sales liao can be more optimistic.
Bank deposits exceed expectations in advance, construction machinery is expected to usher in April sales Indian Summer.
The enterprise is now carrying out the second phase technical transformation project of Xiagong North (Jiaozuo) Equipment Production Base. So far, the production capacity of high-temperature oil pump in Jiaozuo production base is 10,000 sets, and the monthly uniform production capacity is 800 sets. After the completion of technical transformation, the base will reach an annual output of 15,000 high-temperature oil pumps and 10,000 forklift vehicles. But at the same time, according to the investigation of dealers, 3詜聕 finally a few days of single-day sales ideal, for 4詜聕 sales things are relatively optimistic. The second largest area is cloud, Guizhou, Sichuan as the core, radiation to the south of Shaanxi, Hunan, Hubei and Chongqing and other provinces and cities in the southwest and central region.
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