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Two decision high temperature oil pump for the entire nation

The high temperature oil pump industry supplies technical equipment for the whole national economy, and its progress level is one of the main indicators of national industrialization degree. In the high temperature oil pump industry, it is the same, so that all kinds of workers participate in different positions of the plane contact line of the Shicheng River, so as to help the growth of the office rate.
1. Shift from the technology core to the concept core, and clarify the purpose of the industry: Our company home a little in the real thing don't understand own industry produces understanding unclear situation is expanded, brand concept understanding not violent, in high temperature oil pump industry, our company will first positioning for our industrial base attack the front of the person, should actively build own brand, strengthen brand effect and crisis awareness, To have their own brand unique place and company culture concept, the soul of progress is also voting high-temperature oil pump industry trend factors, in this period of economic and technological globalization to create a unique and special company development standard style and concept.
2. From focusing on the specialization of the division of labor to the transformation of the maximum display of the wisdom of workers: Since ford created passed sichuan plane contact line yield form, many of the world people think the way to a great deal to improve yield rate must grasp of the peak of intelligence technology, is not in the improved, but the Oriental Canon camera change passed sichuan plane contact wire production line for round table, rate of growth greatly, originally on a round table, laborer can cooperation each other, Use their ingenuity to complete the assembly of the camera, easy attitude than not lively not vivid plane contact line can increase the speed of the office. If our machinery companies want to go further in the world of flowers, they should invest in education in various forms to cultivate more talents for the country and society. Finally, they will become the strong backing for the progress of the machinery industry. At the beginning of the 21st century, the unique place of the development of high-temperature oil pump industry is the comprehensive utilization of modern high technology, and its development direction is four modernizations: flexibility, rapidness, intelligence and information technology. 3. Strengthen investment in scientific research and cultivation of talents to store talents for the future high-tech progress of machinery industry: Home present many company is willing to make to the former investment can reduce the compassion good career exempt from taxes, but few are willing to devote to the field of education, the company set up in our country universities special grants to encourage the performance of college students in many ways, this is a good phenomenon, however, only such power is not enough.
Under the global economy of China's high-temperature oil pump industry to try our best direction:
High temperature oil pump industry refers to all kinds of power machinery, lifting and transporting machinery, agricultural machinery, smelting metal mining machinery, chemical machinery, textile machinery, machine tools, tools, spectrographs, meters and other mechanical facilities produced by the industry.
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