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Cyb-t diesel pump disassembly points

First, talk about the general steps of diesel pump disassembly
(1) unscrew the oil discharge plug on the suspension body, put out the lubricating oil, and remove the motor.
(2) loosen the connecting bolt of the pump body and the bearing body, and separate the impeller, shaft seal body, bearing body and the pump body.
(3) Loosen the impeller nut and take out the impeller and the piece key.
(4) Take out the shaft sealing body and sealing part, take out the static ring of the mechanical seal, remove the packing cover of the packing seal and take out the packing.
(5) remove the transmission part and shaft sleeve of the mechanical seal from the shaft, and remove the shaft sleeve of the packing seal.
(6) Remove bearing gland, water ejector rubber ring, pump shaft and bearing.
Two: the next step to introduce the diesel pump disassembly into the matters needing attention
(1) Parking in sequence;
(2) the liquid in the pump shell (including cooling water) should be released; When the bearing parts are thin and slippery, the lubricating oil should be released;
(3) remove the attached pipes that hinder the removal, such as the balance pipe, water seal pipe and other pipes and leads;
(4) Disassembly should strictly protect the manufacturing accuracy of parts from damage. When disassembling the rod, each middle section should be pad up with a pad block, so as to avoid the loosening and sinking of the middle section to bend the shaft.
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