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three strategies ushered in the transition of thermal oil pu

The first is to export OEM to independent brand. Attaching importance to the domestic market is not to give up the international market, walking on two legs means that both domestic and foreign markets are equal and parallel. However, as a key backbone enterprise in the industry, OEM can stop if it wants to be a century-old enterprise. OEM is always taking orders, production and delivery at the same time, and knows nothing about the domestic market, standards and trend. This kind of industry model that is completely dependent on each other is actually very dangerous and passive. Once customers change, enterprises are likely to fall into crisis. Therefore, if you want to continuously improve products and long-term development of enterprises, you must grasp the initiative of the brand and walk out of a solid road of independent brand.
The second is the transformation from quantitative expansion to qualitative improvement. At present, the status quo of product homogeneity and low-level repetitive labor in the industry has not been improved. In order to realize the transformation from a big producer to a strong producer, it is necessary to overcome the current situation of too many low-end products and insufficient high-end products. Visible, equivalent to more than 300 yuan yuan of the market, have been occupied by foreign brands.
The third is extensive to intensive transformation. Change the original industry small, many, weak, scattered status quo, improve product processing capacity, improve manufacturing equipment, technology level, create a brand, take a road of intensive development. In the development process of the past 15 years, the heat conduction oil pump industry is basically extensive development, high pollution, low level, repetitive labor, low-end product surplus, high-grade product shortage and other drawbacks have always existed, which not only caused the waste of resources, environmental damage, but also restricted its own development. Now that growth model has come to an end. The core of the transformation from extensive to intensive is to improve product processing capacity and quality level, and take the road of independent innovation and independent brand development. To improve quality, independent innovation ability and create their own brand, channel has become a top priority, from extensive to intensive is imminent.
In 2010, although China's thermal oil pump industry has achieved good results, the 12th Five-Year Plan has put forward higher requirements for the industry. The state proposes the industrial transformation to low-carbon environmental protection. The core of industrial transformation is upgrading, which is to advance from the existing situation to a higher level of industrial mode. According to the international mold and thermal oil pump plastic industry supplier Association responsible person Luo Baihui observed, recently Ian, domestic cabinet, bathroom thermal oil pump industry is booming, most enterprises began to pay attention to the broad domestic market trend, export to domestic sales become the focus of enterprise strategic development. The main direction and focus of Ian thermal oil pump industry planning and promotion during the 12th Five-year period, including three changes:
In recent years, with the booming development of domestic cabinet, sanitary heat conduction oil pump industry, most enterprises began to pay attention to the broad domestic market. At present, export to domestic sales has become the focus of strategic development of enterprises. According to customs statistics, in 2010, the total import and export of thermal oil pump industry in China reached 74.923 billion DOLLARS, with a year-on-year increase of 30%. Exports totaled 57.5 billion US dollars, up 31.4% year on year. The total import volume was 174.12FZ USD, with a year-on-year increase of 26%. In the low ebb of development, the association guided the whole industry to adjust its strategy, accelerate the transformation and structural adjustment, shift from export-oriented to domestic trade and foreign trade, and pay equal attention to both domestic and foreign markets, and continue to develop the domestic market. This positive driving effect is remarkable, causing the thermal oil pump industry to rebound, especially in domestic sales, showing explosive growth, realizing a high admonitional growth of 27% in the whole industry.

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