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What is a screw pump? How does the screw pump work? A: Screw pump is also a positive displacement pump, also known as screw oil pump; Divided into three screw, twin screw and single screw; It is by a few intermeshing screw volume changes t
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In recent years, with the deterioration of the security environment in the oil area, illegal activities are increasingly rampant, single well and mixed pump lines are drilled and stolen oil phenomenon occurs frequently. Because screw oil p
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此次会议还选举出泵业分会新的第七届理事会成员名单,由沈鼓集团核电泵业有限公司董事长孔跃龙、石家庄强大泵业集团有限责任公司董事长郭庆白担任理事长,李玉坤担任秘书长。中国的市场这么好,怎么可以拱手让人?林凯文轻言细语中充满了力量。 建立新型创新
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The high flow pump circulates the flow from its outlet to its inlet, thus reducing the pumps output to the system, that is, reducing the magnetic power to a value slightly above that required for the high pressure part of the operation. A
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