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What does hot oil pump overhaul include? (1) In addition to minor repairs, the following contents are included; (2) Check and record the concentricity of the coupling before disassembly for reference when the coupling is aligned after main
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(1) Based on temperature, cold oil pump below 200℃, hot oil pump above (200.4000C); (2) to distinguish between sealing oil, general hot oil pump sealing oil, and cold oil pump not. (3) To distinguish by material, hot oil pump to carbon st
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The hot oil pump shall be inspected, measured and assembled according to the requirements of the pump operation and maintenance manual during the disintegration process or after the parts are removed and cleaned. LMV/BMP-311, LMV-311 and L
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A heat conduction oil pump is mainly composed of pump body, impeller, sealing ring, rotating shaft, shaft sealing and other components, some heat conduction oil pump is also equipped with regulating wheel, induction wheel, balance plate an
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好的使用方法可以使 导热油泵 的使用寿命延长.下面是 RY100-65-200导热油泵 降温方法 : 在密封腔周围设冷却水套,通以冷水进行冷却,可使密封腔温度降低到200~250℃;对单端面密封,采用注入式冲洗,从外界引清洁的.温度100℃左右蜡油(一般不用柴油,因为柴油是成
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导热油泵 型号众多,下面我们介绍一下中等流量且销量较多的 RY125-100-200高温导热油泵 型号意义及结构特点: RY:热油泵的意思 125:一般情况下对于 离心油泵 是指泵的进口。 100:出口 RY125-100-200高温导热油泵结构图:
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Model: RY, BRY,WRY. Specifications: 25-25-160; 32-32-160; 40-25-160... Purpose: high temperature heat conduction oil circulation pump Name: High temperature heat conduction oil pump Product Description: RY heat conduction oil pump is mainl
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RY型 高温导热油循环泵 采用填料密封和机械密封相结合的形式, RY导热油泵 填料密封用耐高温的填料,具有良好的热态适应性,而机械密封则采用机械强度高,耐磨性好的硬质合金材料,保证了高温情况下的密封性能。 高温导热油泵导热油泵是一种理想的热油循环泵
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Model: BWG Name: Thermal insulation oil pump General name: Thermal insulation oil pump Flow range: 0.5-60 cubic/hour Pressure range: 0.1-1.0mpa Overview: Heat preservation oil pump can be used to transport asphalt, detergent and other soli
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This high temperature hot oil pump is specially made for the transport of hot oil, high temperature resistance up to 350℃, flow rate in 1-300 cubic/hour, can be used as thermal oil circulation pump and hot oil pump; The pump can be equipp
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